Start Good Health

It was over 65 years ago that Roomi family entered into the business, first in the import and trading of dental materials and equipment and later manufacturing of oral dental hygiene products. Exclusive distribution and dealership rights were obtained from world-renowned manufacturers of Europe and Japan. Business grew steadily through strong sales promotion field force and by participation in symposium, educational conferences, exhibitions and seminars for dentists & doctors.

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Our Vision

Protect has a clear vision to cherish Pakistan’s prosperity for a healthier Pakistan and provide basic health care needs to each of its citizen.

Our Flagship Brand

The Protect brand is built on the pillars of providing its customers of all ages a quality product to satisfy their oral hygiene needs. Our complete range of products suit the needs of any family member from toothpastes, brushes, mouthwashes and more. We at Protect continuously work on creating awareness and educating people about important health and hygiene aspects and playing due role in improving the quality of everyday human life while fulfilling our social and moral obligations.